About the Blog / Nekosama

☢ Hello there and welcome on Nekosama Works!☢ 
☣ Ciao a tutti e benvenuti su Nekosama Works!☣

First of all, thanks for visiting my WordPress blog!
Here i’ll talk about creative arts in many forms: Music (of almost any kind, and lots of downloads for you too to enjoy), Videogames for PC and Consoles (yeah, Visual Novels and Eroge, too. You pervert.) , Anime and Manga and also Cosplay.

I’m Italian and i live near the beautiful sunken city of Venice, so feel free to comment also in italian, not only in english!

I’ll add something in the future, about me and my passions. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Q: But dude i want to contact you! How can i do it?
A: FFS, there’s my Facebook page on the right of the home of this blog. Plus, here’s my Youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/KronosSama


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