Disclaimer & Rules

Ok, this is not fun. But i have to do this for ensuring a peacefull living around here.
Posting on this blog attains that you have read this page.

Don't lose your head!

This blog is Rated 18+ . Yes, there will be blood. Yes, there will be tits. Maybe together. I dunno. I’ll ALWAYS put it on the spotlight if a post is R18+ but viewier disretion is necessary. Obviously, this blog is Non Safe For Work (NSFW).

In addition to this, Nekosama Works sometimes pops up links to advertisement, adult sites and other item. Browse at your own risk. (and please, use your brain. You haven’t won that iPad, mate.)

Oh, Desire.

Anyone can post his opinion. No need to sign in to Word Press here, just put on a Nickname and a random e-mail to say your words! But please try to be calm and polite to others and theyr opinions.  We’re not here to flame, duh.

Also, random advertisment and spam will be ignored and deleted from the comments section.

Said that, enjoy and have fun!


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